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  5. "Hwyaden a buwch"

"Hwyaden a buwch"

Translation:A duck and a cow

March 18, 2016



Does buwch mean specifically female cattle or can it refer to oxen/bulls as well? How about females from other species (maybe buwch forfil or buwch eliffant)?


Buwch is the female i.e. "cow". A "bull" is tarw and "ox" is ych, bustach or eidion.

For "female elephant" you could use eliffantes, but I think eliffant benywaidd would be more common. A "female whale" is morfil benywaidd. If you just want to refer to a "cow" in this context then it's benyw i.e. "a female".


"Hwyaden" is the singulative of "hwyaid". The plural of "buwch" is "buchod".


What is the Welsh for cattle?


Gwartheg is "cattle". In the Welsh countryside you'll often see signs for a grid gwartheg "cattle grid":

In south Wales, the word da is used for "cattle" too (cf. English "goods"), also as in da byw "livestock".

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