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"Vil min kæreste savne mig, når jeg er væk?"

Translation:Will my boyfriend miss me, when I am gone?

March 18, 2016



This should accept partner.


Could this be translated as "When I'm away", too?


Absolutely! "Væk" is actually most commonly used in the meaning of "away".


Thank you, that's very helpful. I did wonder, as "when I'm away" sounds more neutral and less permanent - "when I am gone" sounds a bit ominous!


That's exactly the difference - in Danish we use one word for both.


kæreste: boyfriend, girlfriend, love..


I have a feeling this translation is WRONG. Kæreste can also be translated to partner, since Danish has a neutral gender way of saying boyfriend and girlfriend.

When I typed in partner (since you cannot know the gender in Danish before hand, unless it is specified elsewhere in the sentence), I got a wrong translation.


Previous exercises accepted "lover" as a common word for kaereste, but this one did not. I think "lover" should be accepted as an answer.


Now it is translated with ,"girlfriend" and "away". Which was wrong in my previous answer. Not consistent!!!


O put girlfriend and it was erong.


I put girlfriend, which was wrong. Why?


In this type of question (Type what you hear) I keep on getting "Excellent" followed by a translation, although my answer is wrong! I also need to know WHY it is wrong. How am I supposed to know? Could Duolingo fix this please?


If you encounter a bug you can report it here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. The sentence discussions is a bad place to do it as no one who can fix the problems reads through them.
If you submit a bug report consider adding screenshots as it makes it easier for those who works to hammer out kinks in the systems.

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