"Why are you not cleaning the kitchen?"

Translation:Dlaczego nie sprzątasz w kuchni?

March 18, 2016

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Why is it ".. w kuchni" for second person singular and without ".. w .." for plural second person?


clearly wrong, w kuchni is in the kitchen but not the kitchen. Report it.


I think the trouble is that Polish people are more likely to say sprzątać w kuchni and mean "clean the kitchen", (I think there is a conversation about cleaning a room somewhere here)


Probably someone reported one version and not the other.


Why is it 'w kuchni'? To me that reads as 'in the kitchen' instead of just 'the kitchen itself'. As in, the person is in the kitchen, and cleaning something there (like the dishes or whatever).


In Polish both cleaning 'the room' and cleaning 'in the room' rather mean the same and both feel natural. I'd personally use 'w kuchni'.


So how would one say "i'm cleaning in the kitchen" (mopping the floor, dusting) vs "i'm cleaning the fridge in the kitchen" (as in "I am in the kitchen, cleaning something that is not the kitchen itself")? Are both 'w kuchni'?


The first one is either "Sprzątam kuchnię" or "Sprzątam w kuchni", and the second... I'd definitely just say "Sprzątam lodówkę/w lodówce" without mentioning the kitchen at all. And if for some reason the kitchen is really important (but where else would you have your fridge? maybe in the cellar sometimes, but that's probably not the main fridge) then I guess I can add "w kuchni" at the end.

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