"Your task is to find the exit."

Translation:Waszym zadaniem jest znaleźć wyjście.

March 18, 2016



"Waszym zadaniem jest znaleźć wyjście" - is OK, but "Twoim zadaniem jest znaleźć TO wyjście." is more like "Your task is to find THIS exit" not 'THE exit'

March 18, 2016


I would argue that while it shouldn't be the default translation it should be accepted – Meaning of the is pretty close to the role "to" has in "Twoim zadaniem jest znaleźć to wyjście" in that both specify some concrete exit that must be found, not just any exit. While normally translating the as "to" is an overkill, there are context where it is justified, like translating "The Elvis" as "Ten Elvis" to mean Elvis Presley.

March 18, 2016
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