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  5. "Why is it dark now?"

"Why is it dark now?"

Translation:Pam mae hi'n dywyll nawr?

March 18, 2016



Pam mae e'n dywyll nawr? wasn't accepted. Should it have been?

Edit to add: Thanks for the quick response, Richard. If that information about the abstract it was in any of the tips & notes, I had forgotten it. (Another edit a couple months later: I see the use of hi rather than e/o/fe/fo mentioned in the tips & notes for the Problems skill a bit further down the tree.)

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The abstract 'it' is always represented by 'hi' and so '......mae e'n.......' would never be used.

However if the 'it' is referring to a previous indicated masculine noun then it could be '...mae e'n...' so that's been added now, thanks for the comment.


Why isn't it "ydy" valid if it is a question?


Pam...?, Pryd...?, Sut (how) ...?; Ble...? are followed by mae. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13676804


Thanks! I didn't know that


Thanks from me too


Can Pam also be followed by bod? I thought I had read that pam and achos are properly followed by bod rather than mae.


Pam is followed by mae in the standard language just like other adverbials (sut, ble, pryd, i bwy etc.). However in the colloquial language, it's often followed by bod. There's a Welsh song "Pam fod eira'n wyn?".

Achos and words of similar meaning like gan, am, oherwydd and oblegid are followed by a bod clause. However in the colloquial language you'll hear both achos mae and achos bod.


I tried pam mae'n dywyll nawr?  (other exercises accept, for instance, mae'n oer  for mae hi'n oer , or mae'n braf  for mae hi'n braf ).
But this time it was not accepted.
Is mae'n  wrong because it follows a question word (pam, ble, beth, etc.) or for some other reason?


Not at all, you're perfectly right. If anything, mae'n sounds more natural than mae hi'n here. Just report it. The Welsh course moderators are usually very good at adding alternatives once reported.


Thank you, I'll follow your advice.

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