Translation:An aeroplane

March 18, 2016



Is this word related to the Welsh word for 'bird' by any chance?


Doesn't look like it!

It's from awyr which means "air" - both words being ultimately from Latin aēr (the English word via French), which in turn got the word from Greek.

However, you might be interested to learn that the Welsh word adar "birds" (singulative: aderyn) is related to the English word "feather", both being derived from an Indo-European root *pet- "to rush or fly" which is also behind the -pt- in helicopter and the pet- in petition, for example.


Wow thanks for the reply, that's so cool! Iove learning about distant cognates and proto indo-european connections :) gives me a sense of kinship with other languages.


Glad it accepts plane :)

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