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Le petit prince complete and free online

While looking for some statistics on Le petit prince on French Wikipedia, I noticed the original French has fallen out of copyright (it's in the public domain), which means it is completely legal to distribute it for free online, like right here, on the French Canadian wikibooks page, including the original drawings by Saint-Exupéry.


March 18, 2016



Yeah , I love this book :) , I have it in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Esperanto, English and a part in Swedish , It is almost impossible to find it in Swedish :/ , as it is free now , if someone knows where to find it, tell me :)


Only the French version is in the public domain (that I know of). The English version will be in 2019.


Each country has its own rules :) , the book is free of copyright in a lot of countries.


Of course. I should have specified in Canada, then.


I don't know this is from, but it appears to be legal, at least in its origional country: http://www.odaha.com/antoine-de-saint-exupery/maly-princ/der-kleine-prinz If you want to read in like twenty different languages.


Cool! Even Esperanto!


"Extension of copyrights in France Due to Saint-Exupéry's wartime death, his estate received the civil code designation Mort pour la France (English: Died for France), which was applied by the French Government in 1948. Amongst the law's provisions is an increase of 30 years in the duration of copyright;thus most of Saint-Exupéry's creative works will not fall out of copyright status in France for an extra 30 years.So the original French text is in the public domain almost everywhere in the world, except in USA and in France."

source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Prince


And you can find the audiobooks on youtube too :) , they are great.


This is great.


You have it in Spanish? If you found it online, do you mind sharing the link?


This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!


You can read it, online and in a easy way, in several languages in www.LaEtaPrinco.org

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