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  5. "Tynged yr Iaith"

"Tynged yr Iaith"

Translation:The Fate of the Language

March 18, 2016



Is it like a proper name so that we have to translate it one definite way?


This was the title of a well-known radio broadcast by Saunders Lewis. The usual translation is 'The Fate of the Language'. It is also acceptable as the 'The Language's Fate', even if that doesn't really strike the right note in English.


There is no definate article here in Welsh, yet it is required for the answer. I'm confused!


This is due to the fact that 'The X of the X' in English translates as 'X y/yr/'r X' in Welsh i.e. this sort of phrase in Welsh is never preceded by a definite article (so always 'Tynged yr Iaith' never 'Y Tynged yr Iaith').


So, in Welsh, how do you distinguish between " Fate of the language" and "The fate of the language"


If you give an example of where you want to use the phrase 'fate of the language' in a sentence, somebody can probably help.


“Less use is a possible fate of the language “


If we were still in the EC then we could ask fir Welsh to be added to the list of languages in which are written the guarantees etc provided with purchased products!?


Am I correct in believing that “Tynged” has not been used before on this course? If I am, why was it not shown in orange as are other new words? Is this a glitch that needs to be corrected?

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