"Szef mówi o produkcji komputerów."

Translation:The boss is talking about the production of computers.

March 18, 2016

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I think we should use the definite article , because the word "production" is defined by "OF" . Then the correct form is :"THE production of computers".


I agree. Or ‘production of the computers’, if the boss is being specific. it definitely needs a definite article somewhere with a plural. If the boss is being more general, ‘computer production’ would be more natural.


OK, we'll go with "the production of computers" as the main answer.


Hello all, I'm from Poland. / Can you explain me; why "computer production" ? why not "production of computers" or "computers' production" ? - is it incorrect? / / / other examples; "wine production" vs. "production of wine" ~ "wine's production" ? / "production department" vs. "department of production" ~ "production's department" ? / / / because - for example "dress of my mother" and "my mother's dress" are correct... / / / Thanks :)


I'm from america, and your solutions sound a lot better than "computer production" to me that sounds like an odd way to talk about a computer animated movie or something.


Unfortunately these things are often a case by case basis. There's the "of" form which sometimes sounds too formal, the 's form which works best with person possessors but some other areas as well and then the noun adjunct form with no 's.

Usually if it's a person possessor then the 's form is best and if not the "of" form is best. The noun adjunct form works in selected cases with a non-person possessor. Your examples are all non-persons and in each case the 's option is not possible, the "of" and adjunct forms are both possible in each case.

Having said that, "department of production" is possible but unlikely.


The boss talks about making computers

you will see many examples

and is in common usage


prudukcji appears in sentences in other lessons and has "making" also


Could this mean either production using computers (of another product) or is it in a factory where they produce computers?


'of computers', not using computers.


manufacturing them was deemed wrong as well, sheesh


Why does it have to include "The" in the start?


It can also be "A boss", although that's rather unusual...

But jost "Boss", without an article... that sounds ungrammatical to me.

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