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  5. "We are almost done."

"We are almost done."

Translation:Ми майже закінчили.

March 18, 2016



why i cannot use "зробили" instead of "закінчили"?


why past tense?

[deactivated user]

    Because the English 'done' is a Past Participle, so 'are done' in fact gives a past meaning. Ukrainian doesn't have an active past participle, so it's best translated with a personal verb form. (Of course, it's not really past because 'almost'/майже shifts the time a bit.)

    «Ми майже закінчуємо» (with a present tense) would change the meaning:

    • «ми ма́йже закі́нчили» means we're close to finishing work,
    • «ми ма́йже закі́нчуємо» means we're close to begin the finishing stage of work.


    Ми майже скінчили?

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