New German Bonus Skill

I post this in the Duolingo topic because I feel I would get more response here.

I've just noticed there is a new German bonus skill, Babies and Toddlers.

But, there are still only three "slots".

I don't think you should have to choose which bonus skills you learn.

Does anyone know if there will be another slot added?


PJ :)

EDIT: God, why am I always getting downvoted?

March 18, 2016


Sorry everyone, I think that's not supposed to be online yet.

Staff is working on a way to let us add bonus skills, but it's not ready yet as far as I know.

March 18, 2016

I hope so, as I bought it, but it isn't appearing as my slots are all full. I would love to get rid of flirting if that is the cost of getting something new. Can it be removed?

Yes. I haven't bought Flirting, so I have a slot open. I'm a bit annoyed actually.

whats flirting???

It's a bonus skill that you can learn. Or are you asking what flirting actually is?

A bonus skill. We used to have access to three, which filled the slots perfectly (idioms and flirting year round, Christmas just in December). Now there is a new one, so 4 German bonus skills, just 3 slots.

This skill would be helpful in Spanish too - especially for those who are in childcare and take care of Spanish speaking parents' infants/children.

You have more than three bonus skills in German? You guys are so lucky. Spanish for french speakers has no bonus skills whatsoever.

I just had a thought. It is getting close to "April Fools Day" so maybe this is just. a prank by the coding staff at Duolingo...

I'd like to know too. I bought it when it appeared on Lingot Store. It took my lingots but didn't add the skill. (and yeah I have all the slots full though, maybe I'm just an idiot and did something wrong..) hope they fix this soon.

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