"Entrega tu tarea el lunes."

Translation:Hand in your homework on Monday.

January 20, 2013



I rather enjoy the interpretation: "surrender your homework Monday [or else]!" (Google says <entregar> can mean "to surrender.")

March 21, 2014


In the case of surrender, it seems to be used reflexively:

Te entregas = you surrender

Me entrego = I surrender

May 14, 2017


When I was a kid some of our teachers used to say" you need to surrender your homework on Monday"

July 10, 2017


WoW i never knew that, lol.

December 18, 2017


Why is "deliver" not an acceptable translation of "Entrega"

March 5, 2013


Deliver is the correct translation, but not with homework - you should say submit or hand in

July 23, 2013


accepted 7 dec 14

December 7, 2014


Why not "You hand in your homework on Mondays"?

August 28, 2013


Because the Spanish sentence is a command, whereas your translation would be more of a statement.

September 16, 2013


While it's probably not what he meant, "you hand in" can be a command if said with the proper intonation.

March 3, 2014


Hola MarkofSky: Because it is "EL lunes" (singular), so it has to be "on Monday", not "on Mondays">

November 21, 2013


You could say 'Entrega SU tarea', to use the Ud form and make it acceptable, but because it asks for TU tarea, you have to assume that the conjugated 'entrega' is an imperative.

January 11, 2015


"You" was not used in the sentence. So, you are adding a word that was not in the sentence.

August 13, 2014


"hand in your WORK" should be fine, tarea means task, job etc. its most commonly used i think instead of homework, home work is work etc. and in upper years its more expected you do it in a library etc. coursework is probably fine too, assignment maybe also, spends on the context

February 24, 2015


For my understanding it is not clear that the Spanish part "entrega" only means imperative, it also could mean "he/she/it submits".

November 22, 2013


Technically yes, but the imperative seems more obvious. I wonder if DL accepts "He hands in your homework on Monday"

May 8, 2014


To xtempore: in the present case, there is no doubt that the mood is the imperative because the possessive pronoun "tu" refers to the subject of the verbal form "Entrega" (imperative - second. person) which is the personal pronoun "tú" (second person). I hope I have helped. Greetings. December 05, 2014.

December 5, 2014


I tried "He delivers your task on Monday" which was not accepted. But I'll report it as I think it is grammatically correct.

December 30, 2014


Doesn't (that's what I tried)

March 12, 2015


Hola Amigo,el Fuego 999: Yes, that is a possibility, but in this case because Duo did not include a subject, it appears to be imperative. CHAU

November 22, 2013


Is anything wrong about hand your homework in ... (word order)? It was not accepted

June 4, 2014


I used "Turn your homework in on Monday" and it was not accepted. One of the accepted answers given was "Turn in your homework on Monday." I reported it, but it does seem that for now DL is expecting a specific word order.

September 14, 2014


Traditionally, proper English dictates that you don't end a sentence with a proposition. This seems to be changing, since it has become so common.

May 14, 2017


I think that "Hand your homework in" and "Turn your homework in" should both be considered correct, even if it's possibly more common and natural to say "Hand in your homework" and "Turn in your homework", respectively.

I also do not agree that the word "in" functions as a preposition in these sentences at all. I believe that in these cases it is an adverb. "Your homework" is not the object of a preposition; it's the direct object of the verb "to hand (in)" or "to turn (in)."

August 1, 2018


I agree with Simpsongeorge, 'hand in your work on Monday' should be accepted.

February 26, 2015


Is this correct? Should it be either: Entrega su tarea... or Entregas tu tarea ...

January 20, 2013


It's correct the imperative in second person es "entrega". "Entregas" is tense present.

January 20, 2013



August 1, 2014


DL does not test us on the imperative nearly enough.

February 14, 2014


And when did we lean entrega?????

May 19, 2014


Hola, Duo accepted my answer ' Deliver your task on Monday ' 10/6/2014;-)

June 9, 2014


Why does "el lunes" get translated as "on" Monday? Since when did "el" become "on". I thought "el" only meant "the" and "en" was "on". I thought the correct answer was "Hand in Monday's homework". Thanks in advance.

September 28, 2014


Spanish and English often differ on how the definite article and prepositions are used. This is one of those cases.

There is very rarely a 1-to-1 mapping of words between two languages, especially when it comes to articles, prepositions, adverbs, and auxiliary tenses. So, you shouldn't be surprised when you see words that ordinarily translate to one thing translate to something else in a different context.

Spanish literally uses "the day(s)" when it's referring to days whereas English uses "on day(s)" under the same circumstances.

  • Tengo que trabajar el lunes = I have to work on Monday
  • Voy al gimnasio los miércoles = I go to the gym on Wednesdays

However, if you're referring to a day in another way such as with "tomorrow", the definite article is not used in Spanish, nor is the preposition in English.

  • Tengo que trabajar mañana = I have to work tomorrow
September 28, 2014


Excellent response! Thanks so much for clarifying this. Jeff

September 29, 2014


Used to using 'deberes' for homework

January 7, 2015


Why not "Hand over your homework on Monday"?

March 3, 2015


Why not "send your homework on Monday"?

June 24, 2016


When would we use 'los deberes' for homework?

February 6, 2018


Should "Give in your homework on Monday" be accepted? I believe it should but want to know for sure

May 25, 2018


"bring in" should also be accepted

September 29, 2018


What about "Pass in your homework on Monday"? Seems right to me also. It's another way to say "hand in".

August 18, 2013


That doesn't work. If you're already in class the teacher might say "Pass your homework to the front of your row".

For this sentence, the most common thing to hear would be "hand in" or "turn in".

September 24, 2013


Why can't I see the imperative in the conjugation?

March 13, 2014


I got marked wrong for saying "You hand in your homework."

July 27, 2014


"You hand in your homework on Monday." I was marked wrong for using "You" this should be correct.

August 1, 2014


Ditto kennynica !

August 1, 2014


my answer "Hand in your homework BY Monday" got rejected. What would that difference be in Spanish "hasta?" thanks anyone!

December 21, 2014


why not "job"? it was 1 of the 3 answers. diputa.

January 28, 2015


do we hand in jobs though? that's usually not something that can be handed in.

February 24, 2015


Why job no and task yes?

March 10, 2015


Why not 'bring your homework on monday'?

March 31, 2015


Whats entregar means??

April 12, 2015


Wait Isn't homework deberes?

April 12, 2015


Auto correct changed my answer

February 10, 2016


Why not "present your homework on Monday " ?

February 7, 2017


Strange how i was told the correct translation was " deliver your task on Monday"

April 15, 2017


Hand your document in on monday should be accepted

March 31, 2018


Entrega is formal, and tu is informal. This seems like a contradiction. What am I missing?

April 30, 2018
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