"Nie trzeba zamykać tych drzwi."

Translation:It is not necessary to close this door.

March 19, 2016

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why not: no need to close these doors ?


Hmm... it is kinda colloquial, but I guess it might work. Added.


I wrote "no need to shut this door" and it wasn't accepted. Any reason why not?


I've just had it rejected as well, and I think it is more natural and idiomatic than 'it is not necessary....'


Not sure if this has been accepted when you commented, but it is now.


It should be

It is not necessary to close these doorS


Dlaczego nie wolno pisać jak następuje?

Nie trzeba zamknąć tych drzwi.


Good question... I guess that it works like 'There is no need to do it at all', rather than 'to not do it right now'.


So (nie) trzeba/wolno/można can't be followed by perfective verbs?


Hmmm... I think that it works like with imperative mood - negated imperative mood almost always takes imperfective verbs, but it's not the absolutely only option. A perfective verb in my view looks like "Just remember, do not by any chance do XYZ!", "Be careful not to do XYZ!" or similar. So in a similar situation, especially with "nie wolno", this could work.

You put "nie" in brackets, but if you don't have negation, then you surely can use perfective without any problem.

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In Poland we do not speaking "zamknąć" in sentence like this but in question you should say "zamknąć":

Nie trzeba zamykać tych drzwi. (one or more doors).

Nie wolno zamykać tych drzwi. (nie wolno - you cannot).


Czy mogę zamknąć te drzwi. (Can I close the door?)

Czy muszę zamknąć te drzwi. (Do I have to close this door?)


Czy mogę POzamykać te drzwi. (Can I close these doors?)


if 'It is not necessary to close this door' is acceptable, the you should also accept 'It is not necessary to shut this door'


While English says "this door", door is plurale tantum (always plural) in Polish, so "this door" = "te drzwi" (and "these doors" also = "te drzwi").

And then, "zamykać" takes Accusative (zamykać te drzwi), it's negated here, and negated Accusative = Genitive (zamykać tych drzwi). Other cases stay unchanged when negated.

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