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"Maen nhw'n byw mewn teras hir."

Translation:They live in a long terraced house.

March 19, 2016



Anyone know what a 'long terrace' is? I can only think of an 'end terrace' or 'link house'


Perhaps Duo was just thinking of a house that is long, and in a terrace... bound to be one somewhere!

Or perhaps ... mewn tŷ mewn teras hir which would be quite common.


okay so a long terrace is where you have lots of houses that are all roughly the same size in a long row, which is what most terraces are. Which is English should be 'a house in a long terrace' because the terrace is long, not the house. It could also mean the shape, as most terrace houses I have lived in are narrow, but go back quite a way (are deep), then there is also confusion with longhouses. This is the fun of languages trying to translate between two completely different ways of describing a house.

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