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  5. "Я дала йому візитку."

"Я дала йому візитку."

Translation:I gave him a business card.

March 19, 2016



Isn't "I gave a business card to him" also correct?


I have given him a business card. Why not?


A question for native English speakers: does "visit card" seem ok for you?..


that certainly is the way salesmen and others who come to a business use them, however the card is always called a business card.


No; the term "visiting card" was used in the past, but hardly ever now; a visiting card is not the same as a business card.


No it does not. Maybe the general idea in Ukrainian came from that, but it does not work in English with a business card. However, many years ago, like the 1800’s, when people would visit each other, if the person was not home, the visitor would leave a card with their name on it, to let the resident know they came. The term “calling card” was used, and it may have been used in business back then. It is interesting how words come into use!


Should be pronounced візИтку, not вІзитку

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