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"Cała moja rodzina potrzebuje lodówki."

Translation:My entire family needs a refrigerator.

March 19, 2016



Do adjectives always go before pronouns in Polish or is this a special case? Coming from other languages, I would have expected it to be "Moja cała rodzina".


I was marked incorrect for "All my family need a fridge" the word need does not have to be pluralised in English, so I believe the question was answered correctly.


Sounds very unnatural. I'm not sure if it's grammatically wrong but "all my family" sounds weird.


Well, I'm gonna take your word for it and accept it.


Can we use here "Whole" for Cała? One of the suggested word is "All" for CAŁA. With all it sound like ... not very well. All my family ? I would say My whole family - not accepted.


"My whole family" is among the accepted answers, its hould have worked.

"All my family" is something more idiomatic than literal.


My whole family needs a new fridge - has not been accepted. Where is my mistake? Thanks for help!


That "new" was your own addition, it's not in the Polish sentence.


The sentence "My whole family needs a refrigerator" was not accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Weird sentence. The word entire/ whole implies an extended family of some sort. Yet only a single refrigerator is needed. For single household families I don't think you would stress the 'whole' family. Just 'My family needs a fridge. '


    What about 'moja cała rodzina' ? Is this wrong?


    It works, but I'd recommend "Cała moja..."


    Why? Someone above here asked about the word order, but I didn't see a reply thereto. Is it typical to place the adjective before the possessive, such that "czarny mój pies" would be normal while "mój czarny pies" would be acceptable but atypical? Thanks.


    "czarny mój pies" would sound like from a poem (probably one for children, given the topic).

    As for "cała moja rodzina"... I feel that I'd put it like that because this is "my family" and also it's "whole", rather than "whole family" which is also "my". That's my feel, I can understand if someone won't agree with that and we do accept both versions.

    I guess it's not only mine feel though given the fact that it wasn't me who wrote this sentence ;)


    How would anyone glean that the sentence was talking about a single refrigerator? I thought that "lodówki" was the plural of "lodówka."


    Potrzebować always takes the genitive case, and the genitive plural of lodówka would be lodówek.


    "Refrigetador"? Can somebody correct it?


    I see a totally normal "refrigerator" here, was a version with a typo suggested as another correct version for you?


    No, I had to type "Refrigetador" in to be able to go further. Really strange.


    Wow, you're right. The basic version (My entire family needs a...) has "refrigerator", but some other possible answers had "refrigetador". Fixed now, thanks for noticing.


    Yes, I am English and did not pluralise the 'need'. However, I was marked 'wrong'. Hey ho...


    Added "need".


    "The whole of my family need a fridge" was marked wrong


    Seems fine, added.


    Not quite...The whole NEEDS a fridge.

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