"It was too cold this morning."

Translation:Roedd hi'n rhy oer y bore 'ma.

March 19, 2016




I was waiting for this one. The last set of questions ended with a 'picture' question asking me to write 'it's hot' in the space. I wrote 'Mae hi'n boeth' and was marked wrong and corrected to 'Mae'n boeth'. Because it was a picture-question there was no discussion button, and you could only report an inappropriate picture! But surely 'Mae hi'n boeth' should have been accepted, especially given that it was in a set of weather-related sentences. I put this here because it's the first one since which has referenced hot or cold...

August 9, 2018


Why can't it take "Roedd hi'n rhy oer bore ma"? This is correct too!

March 19, 2016


To say "this" morning you need "yma" after "bore". "Yma" is abbreviated as " 'ma ".

February 13, 2017
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