"They need a cat."

Translation:Oni potrzebują kota.

March 19, 2016

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I wrote 'poczebują' by mistake here. Is there any difference in pronunciation between cz and trz ?


depends where. but in most parts of Poland yes (beware if you are learning in Kraków). And I think TTS says it correctly here.


I wrote Potrzebują kota\ and it still accepted 100% no typo


That is because Polish allows elliptical subjects (which means 'omitted subject'), in languages like Spanish and Polish, the fact that depending on the subject the verb is conjugated differently already hints who's the subject, so it's often omitted for convenience.


Why 'kota' and not 'kotem'? I feel like i still can't get the hang of it.


"kotem" is the Instrumental form, used mostly after the preposition "z" (with), e.g. "Rozmawiam z moim kotem" (I am talking with my cat); and in "X is Y" sentences after a form of the verb "być" (to be), e.g. "Garfield jest kotem" (Garfield is a cat).

"kota" is either Accusative or Genitive, so basically it's mostly used for the direct object of transitive verbs. Here it's Genitive, "potrzebować" (to need) is among those verbs that need Genitive.

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