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"His son goes to kindergarten."

Translation:Jego syn chodzi do przedszkola.

March 19, 2016



Does 'kindergarten'/'pre-school' (and 'przedszkole') translate to 'nursery' or 'reception' or something else in British English?


To my undestanding, "nursery" is "żłobek" = a place for really really young children, up to the age of 3.

Reception, according to English Wikipedia is for ages 4-5, so you may say that this is 'included' in the przedszkole period.

Przedszkole is for children from the age of 3 up to the moment of starting the school - which currently is either 6 or 7, depending on the parents' decision. I'm not even exactly sure what'the current legislation.


Ok, I looked it up as well and I think the differences are to do with which parts of education/school are compulsory: 'reception' is the first year of compulsory education here, which (according to Wikipedia) elsewhere in the Anglosphere is called 'kindergarten', although otherwise 'kindergarten' can be synonymous with 'preschool', which is offered for children before compulsory school age. Here (UK), that is usually called 'nursery school' or more commonly simply 'nursery'. I believe education isn't compulsory until age seven in Poland; and in the UK you attend reception (or have to be home-schooled full-time) in the school year in which you turn five; in most other countries it seems to be somewhere in between.

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preschool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsory_education#Per-country_variations_in_the_age_range_of_compulsory_education


Just curious, can you translate "kindergarten" as "zerówka" or "infinima" (as in the place where Judge Soplica began his education in "Pan Tadeusz" -- "Znamy go od infinimy ...")?


Googling "znamy go od infinimy" doesn't give any results, and the whole text of "Pan Tadeusz" surely must be online... I've never heard this word I think.

As for "zerówka", that's again the problem with the education systems being different. "zerówka" is just one year. "przedszkole" is a few years. You can go to "zerówka" either at the end of kindergarten or at the beginning of primary school, if I may say so. Either in the kindergarten building with the kindergarten teachers or in the primary school building with the primary school teachers.


Kindergarten is the one year before first grade (US, I don't know about other English speaking countries), so "zerówka" is an exact equivalent.

I typed the quote from Pan Tadeusz from memory - maybe I misspelled a word, I'll have to look it up when I have more time.

In the New Jersey schools (US), there is Pre-K 4 and Pre-K 3 for the 4 years old and 3 year olds, FYI.


In case you were interested: in England (Scotland has a different education system, Wales may be the same as England but I'm not sure), the one year before year 1 is called 'reception'. As far as I know most primary schools start with reception but it may also be possible to do it somewhere else and then start primary with year 1, but I do believe it's compulsory. The main difference between the UK and many other countries is that year 1 is for children aged 4-5 years, so actual school starts at age 3-4.


Would " idzie" instead of "chodzi" ever be acceptable?


"ever", disregarding the English sentence? Of course ;)

In this sentence? Actually, yes (added). We can consider "kindergarten" just a different type of "school", and we have already established that due to some possible idiomatic usages, there are contexts in which "goes to school" can be translated as "idzie do szkoły". The school context just messes with our distinction. I'd say that "Idzie do przedszkola", if it isn't in its most literal translation (he is on his way), means 'he is starting kindergarten'.


FYI I am working under sress with a bad catarct that is scheduled for august surgery, my vision leaves something to be desired and I make a tremendous amount of errors, because I just can't catch it on the screen, 90% ofmy errors are for this reason and resulting frustration and anger at myself for making them. Once I lose my temper, I'm literally useless, and bitchy.

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