"You are eating that fish."

Translation:Jecie tamtą rybę.

March 19, 2016

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Im sooo confused!! I cant tell the differnce between tamto or tamtę or tę and tamten


Basically, the determiner has to match the grammatical gender, number and case of the noun it describes. Take a look at what alukasiak wrote here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/


For Nouns and pronouns; Tamto=neuter Tamten=masculine Tamta=feminine There's no; tamtę, tamõ For the Accusative cases. Tamtą should be applied for Accusative. My understanding thus far.


Tamto=neuter Tamten=masculine Tamta=feminine

Yes, those are the Nominative forms.

The same in Accusative is: tamto=neuter, tamtą=feminine, and masculine divides into animate (tamtego) and inanimate (tamten).


"Jesz tamtą rybę" would this be correct?


Yes, jesz is second person singular.


Why not tamtę rybę if the end letter has to match in both cases?


It's not end letters that should match, but grammatical cases and gender. One grammatical case can have different endings even within the same gender depending on the word.


I thought fish was ryba?


In nominative it is. „Rybę” is accusative.


Not completely related to this particular exercise, but I was wondering why "mysz" being a feminine noun, does not turn into "myszę" in the accusative, and is merely "mysz" again, if I'm correct...?


Yes, it's still "mysz". Hmm... it's already an exception (looks masculine, is feminine), so I guess its Accusative is another exception here.

"myszę" would be the Accusative if the basic form was "mysza" (which some people use, but it is colloquial at best, if not just wrong). Actually, other cases (apart from Vocative) do look as if the Nominative was "mysza". Strange word.


I remind myself that it doesn't change by associating it in my mind as being like "deer" and "fish" in English in that the singular spelling and plural spelling are the same. I know we aren't talking abt plural vs singular in the Polish in this case, but it still helps me to remember that "mysz" is "mysz" is "mysz" :)


Thank you Jellei, recently I'm living here in Poland, my wife told me that here people isn't that strange words haha, because here everybody speaks very informally, then I'm so confused when trying to learn!


Is tamtą accusative ?


what is the difference between tamtą and tamta ?


Both are feminine singular forms, "tamta" is Nominative and "tamtą" is Accusative.

See here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/


Isn't tamtę accusative?


It might sound counter intuitive, but there is no such word as "tamtę". The "far" equivalent for both „tę” and „tą” is „tamtą”.


Hello, What is the difference between tamta and tamta with the accent. (Sorry I can't access my polish keyboard right now)


Thoses are different grammatical cases. 'Tamta' is nominative while 'tamtą' is either accusative or intrumental. 'That fish' is the object of this sentence, so it must take the accusative case.



"you are eating" can be translated as "jesz" or "jecie", depending on the amount of people "you" refers to, no? Why is only "jecie" correct here, then?


I used jesz and was correct


What sane polish person would say "jecie tamtą rybę"? Just say "jecie rybe"


The sentence just teaches forms of "tamten", so here "tamtą". Yes, it's not exactly a very likely sentence to be said.


What's the difference between "rybe" and "ryba"? When I press the word "fish" at the top, sometimes it says rybe, and sometimes it says ryba.


Grammatical cases.

"ryba" is the basic, Nominative form for a singular "fish". Used mostly for the subject of the sentence.

"rybę" is the Accusative form, used for the direct object of the sentence, like here.


I'm a littlebit confused, because one is singular and the other one is plural, so why is jecie not good


"jecie" is correct as well, English "you" doesn't tell us whether we're talking/referring to one or more person.


This translation is no cirrect. I was given a sentence You are eating that fish. And the system accepted as correct reply Macie tamtą rybę. This is wrong.


That is indeed wrong, but we don't have "Macie tamtą rybę" on the list of accepted answers, so I have no clue why that would be accepted. We'd need a screenshot as proof to investigate.


Wy jecie tamte ryby. Why not?


Your sentence is correct in Polish, but it's not a correct translation of English "that fish". "that fish" is undoubtedly singular, while "tamte ryby" is plural, so "those fish".


One Polish bus driver told me to forget about all of this grammatical content and actually focus on building vocabulary. This makes sense, I know over 500 individual words and sentences in Bosnian which are really handy.


God, I'm confused

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