Translation Request!

Hi! Thank you for checking out this post!

I'm looking for Fluent / Good Translators of a few languages (look towards bottom) to translate one of my posts for me. I've got numerous requests to translate the page so that many other people can enjoy.

Here's the post: Duolingo - 「 Formatting Guide 」

What I'm looking for are a few willing translators (you don't have to be perfect =P) to translate only the text (words / phrases). I will add the codes / images later.

How do I translate?

FIRST - Contact me on my stream! Tell me what language you will be translating into and a sentence about yourself in that language (not too detailed, first name and hobbies / occupation are fine. This is to see how good you know your language). If I think you can do it, I'll give you the okay on that comment.

SECOND - Translate only the texts, no codes. Once you finish: PLACE ALL THE TEXT INTO A PASTEBIN / DOCUMENT THAT I CAN OPEN - DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN POST. I will use the text and make a whole new post, with all the codes. I will give you credit in the new post on your hard work (if you need Lingots, I have over a thousand, not much, but if you really would like them).

If you are translating, please be done before May 15th, if done after, it will take awhile for me to respond back.

What to remember

Write at the top (after the title) in your language:

"This is the (xxx) translation of (Hyllning's Formatting Guide). The Original (English) post can be found Here"
(make sure to link)

Make sure to write this in your TRANSLATED ARTICLE (at the top or bottom): Translated by (your username / your name) [Make sure it's in the translated language]

Write this in your language: "Please do not comment!"

You do not need to translate the section of the > glitch and the 7-nested quotes

You don't need all the useless capital letters I have.

Languages I'm Looking for:


  • Spanish

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Any Other Languages that I agree to via my stream.


French - PaulAbraham

Swedish - thecupcakefarmer

Slovak - DuoFlash

Romanian - (momentarily)

Vietnamese - TranVanHaiNam

Thank you in advance to all willing Translators! It means a lot!

I will give as much credit to you and your hard work as much as I can =)

Remember: These might be locked, so try the best you can!

March 19, 2016


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