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Optional accents and minor spelling mistakes. Maybe a stricter approach?

I understand the motivation for (and have appreciated) allowing minor spelling and accent mistakes in the initial stage of learning French, but in the later lessons it would be handy to have a stricter marking scheme, even if it's just an option.

There are some words where I still haven't fully learned the exact spelling/accents (e.g., précisément, essentiellement), and it would be nice to have DuoLingo not let me get away with my not-quite-right guesses.

Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks for this tremendous program!

January 20, 2013



Meanwhile, I'm frustrated because it flags minor typos as totally incorrect. Gods forbid you don't notice your netbook keyboard didn't register that "s" keystroke before you hit enter. The hearts system is nice in theory, but I would honestly prefer a system more similar to what you get in school - points deducted and a threshold of points for "passing". I sometimes end my session prematurely when I've had to do the same lesson multiple times because of slight typos (not actual mistakes). Getting things wrong is part of learning. Having to redo a lesson 5 times because your keyboard is crap is.......lame.


Maybe a 3 strike rule?


that is a terrific idea.

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