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"Byddan nhw'n bwyta pannas yfory."

Translation:They will be eating parsnips tomorrow.

March 19, 2016



Presumably Owen has invited them?


Dw i'n credu bod "Bydden nhw'n" yn iawn hefyd.


Yndy mae hi, plis defnyddiwch y botwm "report" os ydach chi'n credu bod eich ateb chi'n derbynol.


I couldn't find what "derbynol" was in a translator, but in context does it mean "correct"?


Derbyn means to accept/receive, derbyniol is acceptable. (unacceptable is annerbyniol). Cywir is the word for correct. Probably couldn't find them because I spelt them wrong.


Bydden nhw is the past habitual tense of bod, also used as a conditional - 'they would (be)':

  • Bydden nhw'n bwyta'r pannas tasen nhw'n flasus - 'They would eat the parsnips if they were tasty'
  • Bydden nhw'n ymweld â Nain bob bore Sadwrn - 'They would visit Nain every Saturday morning' - in the sense of visiting Nain as a regular thing every Saturday.


Would that be in a past (imperfect) sense, as in "when they were kids, they would visit Nain every Saturday"?


(I have just amended the names of the tenses in my previous post)

Bydden nhw... is from the past habitual tense of bod, which can also used as a conditional tense in the colloquial language.

So yes:

  • Pan o'n nhw'n ifanc, bydden nhw'n ymweld â hi bob dydd Sadwrn - When they were young, they would visit here every Saturday.


diolch yn fawr

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