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Polish Cases chart?

does anyone know where i can find a cases chart for nouns or adjectives? Its frustrating doing these lessons because ill see endless forms of each word with no documentation explaining what a words case is. Half the time it says sg masc nom. Other times it says nothing at all and im barely learning. Have to repeat each lesson dozens of times enforcing bad habbits

March 20, 2016



Here you can find a simplified chart: https://imgur.com/NjFhVJV


This is now bookmarked next to Duolingo. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


How did you find that? It's so useful!


I don't suppose anyone downloaded the PDF copies of these and could share them? Looks like the original site's gone.


Look up any Polish word on Wiktionary.org, and there is a declension chart

  • 1897

The simplified tables of declension by prof. Tokarski are listed here. A concise table of declension of nouns and adjectives is here.

Detailed lists of all types (over 140 + subtypes) of declension of nouns are here: part 1 , part 2 , part 3 + list of nouns by the type of declension or the table only. Then, declension of adjectives and pronouns and declension of numerals. Top list is here


Hi. The best i've found so far are in the book of Stelmach Anna, Stempek Iwona. Polski Krok po kroku. Tablice gramatyczne.pdf

Tables are very intuitive and are followed by explanations.

  • 1897

In the following dictionary you can find the inflection of any Polish word: Słownik gramatyczny języka polskiego. You can also switch its interface from Polish to English.


I've also been having a hard time with that. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


I had a look at many different charts for nouns and i was not really content with any of them. There was none that i coud call compact and complete at the same time. So i took a chart from "Polish Grammar in a Nutshell" and added all the information from the text, that i could find. Here is a link to the sg. chart for nouns (pl. will fallow):


Remarks: h = hard stem s = soft stem v = velar (k, g)

I hope it hepes to understand / learn the polish cases.


Thank you, this is helpful!


Thank you for learning my language :)


I like it so far. :) I am Polish (Rusyn) by heritage. I am trying to learn more about that.


Damn right. Very frustrating.


I agree completely


here you can find interactive endings charts for all 7 cases divided by number and gender. You can click on any ending to see examples and detailed explanation https://courseofpolish.com/grammar/cases/nouns-declension/cases-endings-summary


how do you know the endings in each case? or is it general?, I have searched a lot and I still don't understand the endings, and I don't like I have to see one individual chart for each adjective or noun I learn.


You can look up any word on Wiktionary.org and then click "declension of [the word]." It's not just general. There is a definite pattern usage to declension

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