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App audio gives away the answer

i've noticed on the app that whenever you do the activities where you have a word bank and have to assemble a sentence, the audio doesnt come through on words that are incorrect answers. I dont know if this is just me, but its been happening on my app for the last 2 months and its the main reason why i stick with the browser version as much as possible.

sorry if this has been posted before. I tried searching for it but after a few searches I realized I had no clue how to be specific enough to find an article about this issue.

March 20, 2016


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You should move this to the Troubleshooting forum, as it's likely an app issue rather than a Norwegian issue.


Will do. Thanks.


Yep I have noticed that as well... The app is already ridiculously easy compared to the browser version, and this definitely doesn't help.

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