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larger font on lesson screens

Is it possible to change the font size on the lesson screens, or to allow users to set their own font size on the lesson screens? Zooming in only helps so much, and then the side-by-side prompt and text entry box extend off the screen.

Arranging the prompt and reply box vertically (i.e., prompt above and response below), rather than side by side, and then increasing the font would be even better. That would give plenty of room for longer sentences, with larger font size.

I don't think this idea will fly, as most people seem to be quite happy with the current font size and layout, but I though I'd mention it. A bigger font would be much more comfortable for me.

January 6, 2014



I have the opposite problem with the new format. The font size is way too large on my 15" laptop screen, and I have to scroll more than in the old version. If the size could be adjusted, maybe on a slider that immediately adjusts the text on the screen, that would be awesome.


Yes. In the Asian languages, the characters are too small for me to make out on my phone screen.


Somehow the font size on my duolingo screen is not at 8 pt. rather than a larger font. How do I get the larger font back?


It depends on your web browser. There is usually some sort of "settings" adjustment for font size. Try looking in your browser's help, if you haven't already.

(In my case a setting that is good for duolingo makes the font almost everywhere else rather enormous. However, this certainly doesn't keep me away from duolingo.)


I agree, the current layout leaves a lot of empty space in the lesson page, which then means scrolling down to see the translation and the comment button. When doing timed practice, I just don't see the confirmed correct answer, and don't want to scroll down to check it, so it feels like the page is designed for larger screens than my 15". It would be better if the layout was compressed vertically, because (at least for me) at present the only solutions are to zoom out by the web browser, or else buy another laptop with a larger screen. My eyesight isn't great, and when the page is zoomed out, it gets hard to see some of the accent marks properly. I reported it as a problem to Duo, but got no response. It might be a lot of work to redesign the page layout, and I don't have much hope it will improve, but a bigger font would help.

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