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Different Languages for Each Student

I was thinking of incorporating DuoLingo in an elementary classroom by letting students choose a language they want to use during free time. Is it possible to have students in one class learning different languages or do I need to have separate classes for each language? If I wanted ELLs to work on English would they also need a separate class?

March 20, 2016



Yes, you can choose "no specific language" when creating the class (or edit it anytime). Great idea!


I'm not sure but it looks like it...I would like to do that too.


That's what I'm doing! :)


How is it going? Are the students able to see each others' progress? Is it unifying or competitive?


I'm starting a new school year in a week, but it is unifying in my opinion. Some are motivated by the points. They can adjust settings to be friends/observers of the progress of others--same as a regular user. The unity I was able to encourage was among those studying the same language. Anyway, I'm at school, so I must get back to work. Peace! (Personally, I have just kept my Spanish tree progress at a minimum during the summer with a streak of 110 days--on my main account, without the "1".)

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