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1000 day streak

Lately I've been seeing posts about people losing their streak, and I just want everyone to know to not let this demotivate you in your language learning. Today, I reached 1000 days in a row. I am certainly not the first person to do this, but I am hopeful my persistence on this site can motivate others to continue their language journey.

I have completed the first 13 trees available on Duolingo, and am currently pursuing Russian, Welsh, and Polish.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and motivation over the last 2.5 years.

March 20, 2016



Congratulations to you! May your streak and languages continue to grow! :)


You're amazing!! looking at your 1000 day streak and all those languages you've learned is more than enough to motivate me :) also .. it's good for eyes ^.^(Joking) .. keep it up! You're awesome ;)

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Why downvote this comment? You now have my contact details 'downvoter' and I would love to debate this with you. Rare_ness congratulates one of the outstanding achievers here and you downvote it! But I would suggest that you are incapable of entering into rational debate here. You hide behind the anonymity of the press of a computer key! Obviously a combination of jealousy and inability!


CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a fantastic inspiration to us all. I walk humbly in your footsteps.


Same here! I admire those who have long streaks, long language lists, and high language levels!


Amazing! I hope to be there one day..,


Incroyable! Continue to pursue all your ambitions. They will take you far in life! :D

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Llongyfarchiadau, félicitations + congratulations!




Van harte gefeliciteerd ;-)


Wow:D, thats awesome! i've never got past 20 days streak:I. keep up your brilliant work.


Have you bought a streak freeze which allows you to miss one day without losing your streak? They are available for 10 lingots. Just remember to buy a new one every time you miss a day.


good idea.I'll do that next time. i bought the Double or Nothing power-up in the lingot store. does it freeze that as well?


I don't know if it freezes the Double or Nothing. The important thing is to keep your freeze intact if you miss a day.


It does get frozen


Yes, it does get frozen as well.

So the Double or Nothing 7-day period will end one day later as the do-nothing day is not counted.


It's great to see someone who said "I've never got past 20 days streak" now having a 236 streak. Very motivating!


You inspire others who are hoping to achieve the same. Congratulations!


Good Job. Your next job should be a translator.



cool. Your streak still is alive :-)

Currently I am taking the PT-DE reverse tree and it is quite challenging for me when I compare it to EN-PT.

Lots of NEW words, different sentences, varied complexity, incl. the "jumping subjunctive" :-)

Have fun!


Wow Now, you've reached 2000 days in a row! Congrats!

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They should have bought a streak freeze from the Duo Store. Among some achievers at about the same magnificent level as you here is a guy who has the username duonks. Think he is nearly on fifty trees, whereas I am only beginning number sixteen.

But these figures include non-English trees which Duo cannot show as it is only possible to display a language flag once next to a member's profile.

So trees such as Portuguese from Spanish, for example, are not reflected here if a Duo member already has those flags via the Portuguese or Spanish from English option.

Then there was moon1010 who has TWELVE languages at level 25! His account has been deactivated - must have been an alien who has returned to the moon.

I congratulate you on your amazing achievements here!! Outstanding work indeed!


But these figures include non-English trees which Duo cannot show as it is only possible to display a language flag once next to a member's profile.

Fortunately, the great new (inofficial) SHOF site can show golden owls incl. reverse and laddering trees: http://duome.eu :-)


Thomas.. I ,like you , have trees in one language from two or more other languages.. like English from Italian and from Spanish.. and it was hard to figure out what level I was at until I luckily found doume.eu.. great resource.. too bad duo took that ability away from us


Hi @poche112,

Quote: too bad duo took that ability away from us

What do you mean exactly by this?

There is still the working "DuoLingo course switcher" code incorporated in the Scala 2017 web portal which allows you to switch quickly between base languages once you click on the left language flag besides your avatar.

If you visit a discussion forum (old forum, Python web code), you still need the Tampermonkey "DuoLingo course switcher".

If you visit your own profile http://duolingo.com/poche112 I believe you can still see the levels for all target courses/trees, for the currently selected base language.

e.g if you want to know when you reach a new XP level - I regularly visit my own offical DL profile page (but have to switch between base languages).

Despite the maybe half-baken BETA "crown overlay", I am not aware that DuoLingo has taken away more things like described above.

BTW: The correct SHOF site name is http://www.duome.eu.

I can tell you, I really miss the DuoLIngo (Python) 2016 web portal and all the installable user scripts, which improved their frontend dramatically!

Their newest BETA http://forum.duolingo.com discussion forum (more speedy, incremental comment loading) took away - for the English base language (A/B test) - the known "progress quiz" whitelist workaround published by FieryCat and patched the forum backend code :(

This mean I can not go back to the nice Python UI 2016 code in my "Home" (tree) page incl. 5 strength bars per skill for my EN-PT or EN-DE courses.

Fortunately, the A/B BETA forum test is currently fixed to base language English and I can still use the trick by FieryCat for my PT-DE and PT-DE reverse trees....the question is how long.

I definitely need to finish these trees the next 5-8 months; the sooner the better before the next big rollout.

I wish DuoLingo programmer staff would leave at least the holes / backdoors open, so I can use them with the user script "DuoLingo trim tree" in my daily life when I re-strengthen skills back to 100% words strength (words decay), as an alternative to the "crown overlay".


You are correct... They did add back the ability to see your level by clicking on the flag.. I forgot about that.. but you have to be in the correct learning language. But you still can not see how many points you have and how many you need to level up. I also have an older android app that still shows you your points and I refuse to let it update :-) As for the add ons and pythong scripts.. I have never tried any of them.. I use duo on so many differente computers and devices that it would be too hard to keep track of them.


Then there was moon1010 who has TWELVE languages at level 25! His account has been deactivated - must have been an alien who has returned to the moon.

Sad, the account is back but all languages are deleted: https://duome.eu/moon1010


Among some achievers at about the same magnificent level as you here is a guy who has the username duonks.
Think he is nearly on fifty trees, whereas I am only beginning number sixteen.

His SHOF golden owl page looks impressive :-)

With 5!!! reverse/ladering Portuguese trees at the same time in the account it surely will be a big fun having to write quite much in this language.


That is a LOT of golden owls!


Wow, great job! I'm sure you'll be able to keep it up since several new languages will be coming out before too long to keep you from getting bored!


Wow, 1000 days and 13 trees. That's amazing. How many languages can you read newspapers and watch TV in and can understand clearly what's going? Say 80% of the spoken words? Do you use any other sites to further your knowledge beyond Duo? Thanks.


Read newspapers and watch TV - German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and maybe the Norse languages if I practice a bit beforehand. I use those most regularly, and I also have studied Latin at a university level for several years now, so I have that advantage. I have used Memrise extensively, but do not use it as often as of right now. My main other resources are language books and texts purchased on Amazon.com. I have also sat in on a few language courses at the university I attend from time to time.


Wow, so Duo really works. Thanks for answering my questions. How do you get to use them regularly? Student clubs at the university?

How do you use memrise? Do you create your own materials or do you use the community courses?


Very impressive! Look at all those languages! I hope to one day make it to 1000 days and by then maybe add one or two more trees...


Good job! You must have worked really hard


You are a duolingo language learning god.


I just counted 18 (!!) languages which you are learnign at DL. Most impressive.


Congratulations! You inspire me.


Congratulations, what an accomplishment!


Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to me and many others! :)


Whoa dude! Nice keep it up! Maybe someday I'll have a thousand day streak as well :)


Wow, that's amazing!


Incredible! Congrats.


I hope people give you lots if Duolingots to help you continue your journey


I already gave like ten... i hope people will do the same!


Impressive! I would give you a lingot, but I guess you already have a zillion...


Hi everyone and thanks laneuffer but having just lost a 1,105-day streak I felt devastated. After the second day of mourning, however, I started feeling a sense of freedom... No more worrying to see if I was equipped, no more eking out a few extra minutes of a long day to meet the daily goal. The challenge will be to continue without seeing my days grow, BTW I had lost my first 365+ day streak and that was harder than this loss.




wow, that's a lot of languages, congratulations, dont you get confused some times? for example, a lot of words of spanish is close to portuguese.


What are all those flags and numbers next to them? What is their symbolic meaning, or are they diggaliesquash?


i am poor and all i can give him is 2 lingots...


The flags are for each language tree that someone has worked on... the numbers are the 'level' reached in that language tree... Duo really doesn't use levels anymore but you go up through the levels based on the number of experience points you have in a given tree. Level 25 is the highest level and means that you have reached 30,000 points in that language... it used to be a big deal to reach each new level.

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