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"Alle möglichen Werkzeuge sind da."

Translation:All sorts of tools are there.

March 20, 2016



I know this is not the topic, but why "möglichen" and not simply "mögliche"? Is the -n here because of the "alle" before, or because of the noun itself?


Because alle counts as a declined article, so it requires the weak declension, and therefore the plural adjectives get -n. See https://www.germanveryeasy.com/m/adjective-declension for the list.


Just my opinion, but I think the fastest way to learn German is to concentrate on vocabulary, word order and grammar last of all; it will gradually fall into place as you practice, practice , practice. In my view, one learns best by making mistakes and having them corrected.


Word order - I agree. But grammar is so logical that you can learn it and then correct yourself


I think "All possible tools are over there" should also be acceptable.


I agree. But it would be "All possible tools are there." Not "over there". That would be "Alle moeglichen Werkzeuge sind darueber." (I think).


That is already acceptable. I wondered if I could say "over there" and yes, maybe it would be also "Alle möglichen Werkzeuge sind da drüben"(just my opinion)


Well, just sticking to English, IMO "there" means "right there", "at hand""; whereas "over there" indicates more like "across the room, street etc.", don't you think?


over there is dort, nicht da


Every possible tool is there should work should it not


"All types of tools are there" was rejected by Duo. As far as I know "types" and "sorts" are synonyms, and therefore both translations are valid.


Why does various not work. I tried reporting it awhile back, but it appears that it still does not accept it.


Why in this case can't I translate "da" as "here"?


"Da" definitely can mean "here".


Can you call someone a "Werkzeuge" like we call people a tool in english? Does it have the same meaning?


Wonder why "All kinds of tools are there." is not accepted.


I answered this as "All possible..." having got used to wierd Duo sentences. But I had a look through my dictionaries and struggle to make sense of the use of 'möglich' to mean 'all sorts of' Surely 'möglich' is 'possible' or 'potential' and 'all sots of' should be translated as one of 'allerlei' vielerlei' or 'allerart'

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