"У мене болить вухо."

Translation:I have pain in my ear.

March 20, 2016



Correct English is "i have a pain in my ear" or more proper "I have an ear ache

March 20, 2016


As a native English speaker, the most natural way for me to say this is to say "I have an earache."

October 13, 2017


It's accepted now, as is "My ear hurts."

January 8, 2018


Is it "болить" or "боліть"???

August 30, 2017


This is interesting. Hopefully someone can come by and tell us what the infinitive is. Searching a bit, I find the verb "боліти", but its third person singular conjugation is "боліє". However, Ukrainian Wiktionary also has articles for seemingly fixed expressions involving "болить," e.g. "сердце болить".

January 8, 2018


Well, its different words. Ear "болить" (have pain in ear). Person can "боліть", but it is a bad language ("суржик"). Human can "боліти" (be ill). Its better. But right word is "хворіти". Keep well! ;)

July 30, 2019
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