"Tak, piję mleko."

Translation:Yes, I am drinking milk.

March 20, 2016

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Can somebody explain for me why this cant be translated like "Yes, drink milk". Thats normal in Slav languages to say like this Да, пью молоко


Your sentence means, "Tak, pij mleko." In Russian, "Да, пей молоко." "Пью" means "I drink." In English, "drink" is not clear. It could be "to drink," "you drink," "I drink," "we drink," "they drink," and so on. You're missing the "I" in this case.


So the "I" is implied rather then stated outrightm


It's not implied. Piję literally means "I drink"/"I'm drinking." Saying Ja piję would be redundant like "I, I drink"/"I, I'm drinking"


But why have we been thought "je jestem.." does that mean "I I am" ? I also saw "On jest" does the verb always imply the pronoun?


The pronoun is almost never actually needed, but it doesn't mean that it's wrong.

You also learned some Spanish I see, it works basically the same: you may write "Yo bebo leche" but you can also write "Bebo leche".


We are taught ja jestem (not je) so that we know the conjugation table for the verb. Jest does not only imply "he is"; it can also be "she is" or "it is". Ona jest, ono jest, to jest


it sounds like "yes, i'm eating milk"


I put "pije" because it sounded like that to me :(


pije and piję are pronounced basically the same


I just put this sentence on the list of homophones to accept, but I have no clue when will it be added.

But for now, I guess I better disable the audio exercises.


bad pronounciation


It sounds fine to me. The only problem I see (or hear) is that it's ambiguous between 1st person singular "piję" and 3rd person singular "pije", but well, they're basically homophones.


"Yes, I am drinking milk." is incorrect. I had thought without context, both present simple and present continuous could be implied.


"Yes, I am drinking milk." is listed as an accepted answer, it should have worked. Yes, for 99% of Polish verbs both Pr. Simple and Pr. Continuous should work, as long as the sentence itself makes sense in English.

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