Hyggelig or Hyggeligt

Hi, I would like to know which of the two, hyggelig or hyggeligt, is more appropriate when referring to this concept in another language? Which one is more - let's say - generic? Thanks

2 years ago

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As a native speaker I would use the appropriate form for the sentence:

"It was a hyggelig night."

"It was hyggeligt to see you again."

However if you're going to pick just one of them, go with hyggeligt since it's both an adjective and an adverb (hyggelig can only be an adjective).

2 years ago

Thanks, that is very useful!

2 years ago
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I would venture that it would have to be the "common" gender (nouns with the indefinite singular article "en" and definite singular suffix "-en") form "hyggelig" since said nouns clearly outnumber the "neuter" gender (nouns with the indefinite singular article "et" and the definite singular suffix "-et") ones.

Then again I am not a native and my reasoning may as a result be hilariously flawed :-)

Furthermore, when referring to the concept, I'd almost prefer "hygge" over "hyggelig" myself.

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