"They do not see this horse."

Translation:Oni nie widzą tego konia.

March 20, 2016

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Why is it oni instead of one?


'Oni' is when there are at least one man, and 'one' is when they are all women


Either is possible


Pronouns their use and how to adapt for nominative, accusative, genitive, masculine zywotny or non -masculine..I have so much trouble. Can I lean on Duolingo for some help, some rules, how to use with masculine, feminine, neuter words. The pronouns give me so much trouble. I'm desperate, and can't seem to progress. Where might you send me, or maybe, how could Duolingo help me? Dziękuję bardzo. Joe Wesley


The first link is extremely useful. Thank you


I still dont know when to use "tego or tej"!


Koń is feminine. So it should be "tej konia"(dopełniacz) Where am i wrong?


In the idea that "koń" is feminine. I guess there are words ending with -ń that are feminine (although nothing comes to my mind now), but mostly they are masculine. And "koń" is masculine. If it was feminine, I'd guess it'd be "tej koni".


I wrote 'one nie widzemy tego konia' How man I wrong?


Two mistakes. One, 'widzemy' is not any existent form, you must've meant "widzimy". But that is 1st person plural: My widzimy = We see.

"One" are 3rd person plural. "One widzą" = They see.


Tego or tamtego? How to know which has to be used?


"tego" translates to "this", "tamtego" translates to "that".

But in fact, "tamtego" is more like "that one over there". You can think of it like that: [this/that/that] = [tego/tego/tamtego] (and their forms). So "tamtego" is a lot less common than "that" is in English.

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