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  5. "Los últimos segundos"

"Los últimos segundos"

Translation:The last seconds

January 20, 2013

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This popped up right after "tus palabras finales"... Nervous glances around followed


I had the same thoughts ;-) but it definately puts a thick stroke under the difference between "latest" and "last"


Why is últimos before segundos? How does one know if the adjective comes before or after the noun?


This is a tricky question. Here are some pointers:

  • In the vast majority of cases, the normal position for the adjective is after the noun.

  • It is usually possible to put the adjective before the noun for stylistic effect.

  • With adjectives related to numbers or ordering (e.g. primero, último, segundo), things are generally reversed: the normal position is before the noun, but for stylistic effect they can go after the noun.


This sounds dramatic.


This is very common phrase in American sports such as basketball or football.


My dictionary defines último as "latest". As we now have a few words for "last" I am wondering about the shades of meaning of each...would último = penultimate?


Penultimate = Penúltimo :) Último can mean both "latest" as in "El último coche de BMW" (The latest BMW car) or "last" and in "Yo soy el último hombre en el planeta" (I am the last man on the planet).


Luis - you always give such helpful explanations. A lingot for you. Thanks.


Penultimate means next to last, so no I don't think that would be an appropriate translation.

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