"Das würde mich nicht bewegen."

Translation:That would not move me.

January 6, 2014

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What does this mean? Does this mean that I'm going to stand in one spot and not move when that happens?


i think that this sentence is on an emotinal level written...like sth doesn't concern you :)


I don't think so because in that case German has the word "berühren" which means to move emotionally. This sentence could be simply interpreted in its literal sense "this wouldn't make me change my place", although it's funny.


But "Das würde mich nicht berühren" was not accepted?! Should be if it really meant to be on an emotional level. I never use "Bewegen" in german in this context. Something can be "bewegend" or "rührend" but here i would say "berühren"

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yes, this is emotional


"Bewegen" can also mean "persuade."


Can a native speaker explain in what sense "bewegen" is used here? We need a native speaker who knows for sure what he is talking about, not just an opinion of anybody


"Bewegen" relates to ones emotions in this context meaning something like "cause a feeling". It has the same double meaning as in the english language. You can use "Bewegen" for the actual act of moving stuff around or in the sense of creating emotions. Example: That was a moving picture = Das war ein bewegender Film


Can I use 'touch' for that?


Touch can be translated as berühren and could be used here too.


Touch sounds much better than move. We say not :das bewegt mich nicht, "but" das berührt mich nicht. An other case is : die Geschichte ist bewegend. (berührt mich)


Anyone else see the unintentional pun here? A moving picture is cinema as opposed to a still shot. Or it can be emotionally moving as in a "chick flick".


"bewegen" is the translation for "move", in both literal and figurative senses of the word. Yes, "i'm not touched by it" could be substituted IMO.


That would not affect me seems perfectly okay here, but it isn't accepted. Am I mistaken here?


That would be right talking about feelings

My girlfriend left me for other man but it doesn't affect me


That would not bother me, is it a good translation?


Yes I had that -not accepted -but I have a strong feeling I'm correct


One of the definitions in Langenscheidt for bewegen is "to occupy, to concern" ... so I think MAYBE the sentence "I would not be concerned about that" MIGHT be a reasonable translation? But I'm not a native German speaker - I'd like to her a native German's take as to whether this is really reasonable or not.


Shouldn't 'that would not stir me' be accepted as a correct translation?



Why is "That would not persuade me" not accepted?

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