"I saw you yesterday."

Translation:Gwelais i chi ddoe.

March 20, 2016

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What is the difference between saying 'gwelais i chi ddoe' and 'wnes i weld chi ddoe', and when do I use what?


Two different ways of saying the same thing, really. gwnes i'ch gweld chi... is very common in the spoken colloquial language, but gwelais i chi... is also commonly used in the spoken and written language. You will hear and see both - it is more a matter of personal style than anything else.


Thanks, Ibis. This input from native speakers is invaluable. I did Welsh for years at school but this question had me stumped.


I put 'Fi welais I chi ddoe' is this not correct then?


No, fi is not used like that.

The basic form is Gwelais i .... Some people in some areas and in some levels of formality sometimes put Fe or Mi in front of a positive statement - this cause a soft mutation of the verb:

  • Fe/Mi welais...

In the modern language this Fe/Mi has no connection with the person doing whatever the verb is describing - I, you, they, she, Fred, the dog, ...

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