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"Wyt ti'n deall y system fetrig?"

Translation:Do you understand the metric system?

March 21, 2016



Yet again I hear "fetrig" as "fetrilig", in both normal & slow versions. Anyone else with the same problem?


I hear the same thing - must be bug


It is a computer generated voice. I can hear both fetrilig and fetrig.


Unfortunately, problems in the audio cannot be fixed by the Duolingo team (who are usually very prompt at fixing issues), as it is done by an outside organisation in the US, I believe. At least we know that our ears are now playing tricks!


I'm 68 and I use metric (although I can use both) for everything. We do everything in metric in Britain today. I started teaching metric in primary school in Britain 1972!! So the Imperial system went out with the British Empire.

When will Duo get up to date? It's very frustrating.


Remember that there are those of us in the backwards US that use Duolingo, as well.


It varies a lot. I went to school in the 80s and we were taught both. Our maths textbooks were ancient and in imperial and our headmaster was a mathematician who considered an over-reliance on base 10 was not a good mathematical grounding and demonstrated that the two systems work better in different situations. So I use both, I cook in imperial but am a scientist and only use SI at work.


Perhaps now that Brexit is at last sorted, we can return to feet and inches.50 new pence = 10 shillings. Dim broblem. How long is 5mm?? 5 Kg.?No idea. I am a Welsh dinosaur.

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