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  5. "He is my son."

"He is my son."

Translation:Lui è mio figlio.

January 20, 2013



I don't understand why "lui è il mio figlio" is incorrect. Can anyone please explain why "il" should be omitted? Thanks.


Possesive adj. show possesion. The definite article must always precede the possesive adj. e.g la mia casa... & be followed by a noun. Not necessary to use the definite article when referring to family members.
e.g Questo è mio fratello


thanks! meanwhile, I've done the family lessons already, so I know :)


But is it wrong to use the definite article when referring to family members? The program doesn't give credit for that answer, so I guess not...


Well a native speaker would never use the definite article here so I'd say that makes it wrong.

To expand on ms00498's answer...

The possesive adjective is used without the definite article when it modifies a noun expressing a family relationship in the singular. "Il loro" is an exception, it always requires an article. If the noun expressing a family relationship is modified by an adjective or if it takes a suffix, the article is retained.

(copied from the Italian grammar book I had at uni)


Thanks! It's true that native speakers get to define what's right and wrong for their language. We learners have to just deal with it. :)

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