"It is a new shirt."

Translation:C'est une nouvelle chemise.

January 20, 2013

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Exactly when do I use C'est/ Ce sont and when do I use Il est/ Ils sont?


nouveau instead of nouvelle


Please note:

nouveau = masculine, singular nouvelle = feminine, singular nouveaux = masculine, plural nouvelles = feminine, plural


Isn't "C'est une chemise nouvelle" correct?


Nouvelle needs to come before chemise as it is describing the age of the shirt

Certain adjectives are placed before the noun, some which you can memorize with the acronym "BAGS":



-Good and bad

-Size (except for grand with people)

Keep in mind that neuf should be placed after the noun as it is a different meaning of new (it may be useful to think of neuf as 'brand new')

Hope that helps


Thank you, this is very helpful!


Yes it's nouvelle. Sorry C'est une chemise nouvelle? is correct and I assume C'est une nouvelle chemise? is also correct...


Why, in this case, does the adjective come before the noun that it's describing


Why can't this also be "C'est une chemise neuve" ? The context here is everything. If I just changed my shirt, then one could say "C'est une nouvelle chemise", but if I just purchased the shirt from the store, one would say "C'est une chemise neuve"


I think you are right, I think the main reason it is not the answer is that we were taught nouvelle in previous lessons and we have not come across neuve yet


I typed " C'est un nouveau chemisier" and wrong. Why?


"un chemisier" = blouse


I had 'Il s'agit d'une nouvelle chemise.' Would that not be correct?


Why is it not 'c'est une chemise neuve'? Please can someone explain.


It can indeed be "c'est une chemise neuve". The nuance is that it means "newly bought".

In the case of a shirt, both version would be similar in meaning, but if it were about a car, for ex, "une nouvelle voiture" and "une voiture neuve" are different: "neuve" means brand new (never used), but "nouvelle"' may mean a second-hand car, that is only "new" to you.


I read 'skirt' instead of 'shirt.' Oh man, I'm an idiot.

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