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How to disable notification for particular language?

I'm sorry, but I didn't find a way to disable notifications for the languages I started learning, but stopped.

Currently I learn German and I do want to receive notifications and e-mails about German, but I've got completed couple of lessons in French and Spanish, and Duolingo is spamming me with reminders of languages I don't want to learn, though I explicitly set the option in "Settings" "I know English and want to study German".

January 20, 2013



This needs to be done better on our end.

The way to do it is to first change your language to the one that you want to disable the notifications for, and then go to settings and disable notifications.


It's been 4 years now and there is still no fix.


Now nearly five years...


5 years lets goo


yeah, been trying to find this out all day... Keep on getting notifications on my phone for languages I've only tried once...


Hi Luis,

after the new update it does not seem possible to disable notification for a particular language anymore. The "reminder" setting in Settings section (iPhone) seems to apply to all languages.


Oh, in the app on the web it is possible.

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