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  5. "Tá an bia ar an mbord."

" an bia ar an mbord."

Translation:The food is on the table.

March 21, 2016



This eclipsis after "ar an" is a Connaught and Munster usage

On the other hand, lenition-aspiration occurs "In Ulster Irish after ar an (on the), ag an (at the), as an (from the), faoin (under the), tríd an (through the), ón (from the), leis an (with the)"

Collins Dictionaries (2011-07-28). Easy Learning Irish Grammar (Collins Easy Learning Irish) (Irish Edition) (Kindle Locations 320-322). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.


But then, wouldn't you say "ar an tábla" in Ulster anyway?


that rings a bell patbo from my school Irish in Tyrone which was supposedly Donegal Irish.

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