"Nie mamy koszuli."

Translation:We do not have a shirt.

March 21, 2016

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Thanks for all help. I'm a foreigner and can't immediately dismiss one word as nonsense. Keeping this in mind, the real important thing I want to learn is to know what to listen for, when distinguishing the -e -y -ę endings in normal speech.

I'm happy to detect word boundaries at all at this stage :) but as I said: this will likely get better as I progress in the language.


Everyone on here is a foreigner lol why would we learn our own mother tongue hahaha!


Many Polish people are here. Some of them for fun, some of them are learning English this way.


Yep! This is cool, english is not my native language and I'm learning both English and Polish, because there's no Polish to Portuguese here


why doesn't it accept "we don't have shirts?"


Genitive plural is "koszul", not "koszuli".


Fascinating. We are so used to -i and -y for plural, but now it's the omittance of a vowel for plural.


Welcome to Polish genitive plural. Seems to be the least predictable declension so far.


yeah, i noticed, i just had a brainfart and couldn't be bothered enough to edit or reply to myself


How do you hear the difference between "nie mamy" and "nie mamę" ?


There is no such thing as 'nie mamę' as not have - nie mamę literally means - not mom(mother).

All forms of verb mieć in present tense are:

ja mam , my mamy

ty masz , wy macie

on/ona/ono ma , oni/one mają

Differences should be clearly heard.


When do you use "koszuli", versus "koszula"?


"koszula" is the basic, Nominative form that you will find in dictionaries.

"koszulę" would be Accusative, used for example for "We have a shirt".

When a sentence using Accusative gets negated, Accusative turns into Genitive. Genitive of "koszula" is "koszuli": Nie mamy koszuli.

It's not the only use of Genitive, of course, but one of the most important ones.

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    What's the plural (feminine) with Genetive then ?



    Although I have to say that with this particular noun, I imagine a lot of Poles would mistakenly use "koszuli" for plural as well.


    Hmmm... ja nie mam koszuli ( i don't have ) Koszula ( this)


    jesteśmy tacy biedni


    En inglés cuando utilizo a y cuando no. Ej. A shirt?


    It's a countable noun, so you definitely need an article in English.


    "a shirt" = "una camisa", "the shirt" = "la camisa".


    why the genitive isn't koszuly like feminine nouns ? is there a rule ?


    I think the rule of thumb is that if you would ever write "ly", you write "li" instead.


    It depends on the phonetics. You can check here: http://mowicpopolsku.com/polish-grammar/cases/genitive/#noun-singular-feminine

    "telewizji" is the correct form, not what they put there, also most of neuter singular is wrong, but regardless, it's still a very good site.


    Should i write, Mamy nie koszuli, will it be true or false? why? May i use like that?


    No, that would be totally wrong. It would be kinda like writing... "We have a no shirt", only even worse. You don't negate the shirt, you negate the notion of 'having a shirt'.


    I can barely hear the difference between words like mam-mamy, kocham-kochamy and znam-znamy.

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