"Noszę kurtkę."

Translation:I wear a jacket.

March 21, 2016

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You've mentioned this before but I've forgotten: the difference between "I wear" and "I'm wearing"


By the way, the difference (in English) between jacket and coat is as follows: a coat (or overcoat) is a long, usually below the knee, heavyish garment, same also applies to a raincoat, or mackintosh; a jacket is a short garment in any fabric which traditionally stops either at the hip or top of the thigh. But as fashions change, descriptions get garbled and there are now 'long' jackets, car coats, bombers...the list is endless. But they are all relatively short, compared to an overcoat !


so, "Noszę kurtkę", but "mam kurtki"?


mam kurtki - means I have jacekts

nie mam kurtki - i don't have a jacket

Verbs mieć - (ja mam) and nosić (ja noszę) require a noun in Accusative form, but negation requires Genitive


ah, thank you!


Noszę kurtkę, mam kurtkę. Mam kurtki means that you have jackets (plural)


So whats the difference between nosze nosza noszicie and so on. I know i missed the accents i just do not have those characters on my keyboard


Why is this accepting "Noszę kurtka"? Doesn't it need to be kurtkę?


It does :| It seems that the grading algorithm became more lenient recently.

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