"We write about our successes."

Traduzione:Scriviamo dei nostri successi.

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Quando ritenete (come in questo caso) che un'alternativa sia valida segnalate con l'apposita icona

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"noi scriviamo riguardo ai nostri successi" è errato??

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anche "a proposito" dovrebbe andare... Invece x Duo è no :)

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If you can understand this then you have succeeded in english

Once apon a time there a donkey named Donkey. While donkey was running away from a group of angry humans, he bumped into an oger named Sherk. Sherk had social anxiety and Donkey talked a lot, they didnt have good chemistry.

Like Donkey had 2 valence electrons and Sherk had 1.

But that didnt stop them from slaying a dragon and a miget And making four more movies

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