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Alert: Are any of your students doing this? [Spanish to English]

I am assuming the person is a student, since I can't imagine anyone else spending so much time trying to earn points by cheating. I have found a person who only cuts and pastes original Spanish sentences in place of translations in several different articles (i.e., the person copies a sentence from somewhere "translation." I have corrected these translations in the article about pre-Socratic philosophers and have flagged them in the article about bipolar disorder.

March 21, 2016



I've found a bunch of people over the year I've been here who have done this . My approach is: 1. Downvote; 2. Revert; 3. Report (with screen shots, link to user, and link to article) to abuse@duolingo.com.

This sort of thing is not just lazy but malicious, and creates way more work for those who actually want to translate and learn from translation - and it is worth the strongest condemnation.


And is why some of us feel very strongly that school groups should not have access to either immersion or the forums.

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