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Statistics on all incubator languages

Hi. Like so many Duolingo fans, I love Duolingo, and hope to see it grow. Like a great many of those users, I bug my friends who are native speakers of other languages and very good English speakers (or bilinguals) to sign up at the incubator.

(If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked me what I am getting paid to plug Duolingo...)

Well, a sobering thought occurs to me in that the people I recruit now may be waiting a long time or may never be considered. That's because of a fairly recent post where Luis mentioned there were some 20K applications!

So it would be great to know what languages have teams assembled, which are still looking, and how many people in each queue. That way Duolingo promoters can (1) stop filling the queue for languages that have teams in place and (2) spare our friends and acquaintances from bad experiences waiting endlessly to hear from the incubator.

So how about a list of all the languages for which applicants have submitted? Showing the name of the language, whether the team is in place, number of team members in place, number of vacancies, number of applicants, current position in the queue, current status of the language. There may be other information that would be helpful, but this page would be so appreciated by anyone like me.

eg: Name, Team in place, # on team, # of vacancies, # applicants, position in applicant queue, Status Russian to English, Yes, 4, 0, bajillion, 121, Beta

I made up some of the numbers, of course. Would be great if the table could be sorted by different columns, too.

Thanks for considering these suggestions.

January 6, 2014



Unfortunately, that's not how the incubator process goes, so I don't think you'll be able to collect much information here. There are no "teams in place" that you can't see, no "vacancies", no "queues". What you see on the incubator page is what exists right now. As incubator courses are successfully completed they add more, slowly enough to comfortably manage them. And it's more or less dependent on finding ~2 people qualified and motivated enough to work on a language pair that DL is interested in.

People who care about this should always apply and let their presence known to Duolingo--it would only help. At the same time creating the courses is not the only way to help; there is modding, contributing, beta-testing, being a discussion-monster, etc. And there are also people who are super qualified but are only able to help in other ways, as well as people still sending us applications to make the Turkish course even though it's been out on beta for more than a week now :-)


I appreciate the reply, but in particular the persons I am working on have no prior experience with Duolingo. Instead they are often language teachers in their own right. Good command of English.

My "hook" is that I tantalize them with how much their students would benefit from combining limited access to their live instruction with 24/7 access to Duolingo via web and app.

Since their first hands on Duolingo experience is the incubator, it really does matter quite a bit to me whether I am wasting their time or not.

As for "teams" not existing, you should read posts from moderators of incubator languages explaining why no additional moderators/contributors are needed pre-beta release for their languages.

I have read those posts, and if I had a link handy would gladly share it with you.


How do I get to try out a course that has been released in Beta but not graduated from the incubator yet?


I agree with you; some details would be nice. But consider, today we have the first week after the christmas holidays and it is monday. I think they will come back to the office and roll out the next 10 courses or so, roll out the new web design and also start the first courses from English to Russian, Turkish and Dutch. So they have already a good workload. Just be patient and let them start the new workyear in a healthy manner ;-).


I have no idea how long it would take to compile this information, though I tried to think of information that may already have been tracked for Duolingo's internal project management needs.

But there's nothing impatient about this request. The process can only go as fast as it can. Imagine how many decades we waited for Luis and team to blow Rosetta Stone off the top of the hill with a refreshing Duolingo breeze?

Will be worth the wait. I'm just tryng to avoid recruiting people who are not needed, because I respect their time as much as that of the Duolingo staff.


As far as I know, teams in place are exactly the one that you can see in Phases 1, 2 or 3.

For the other courses, no team yet selected by Duo.


your guess is as good as mine. i'd rather have data.


What I dislike is the low number of languages available in the incubator. I could certainly help with some basics of a few languages and more advanced people could build on that, but they aren't available in the incubator list. How do I get them there? We can't help build on something that isn't on that list. Some things incubate longer than others.

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