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Can't unfollow people in stream


my stream was cluttered by very active friends of mine. Although I'm very glad, that they are that active, I want my stream to be less busy. So I unfollowed these active friends.

But the result was, that I was not friends with these people anymore - but they still appear in my stream. So the opposite of what I wanted happened.

Can you help me here, please? How can I remover people from my stream? Thanks.

January 6, 2014



I believe that there are not any new comments of these active friends once you unfriend them, but everything before this point still shows.


No, unfortunately there are new entries every few minutes - even though I unfollowed these people yesterday.

see That screenshot shows: Although I adore sitesurf for the many useful comments, I decided to read them in the discussion instead of my stream - so I unfollowed sitesurf yesterday. But yet sitesurf still appears in my stream (along with all the others, whom I unfollowed).


Is this still happening for you? I just checked your account and I didn't see any posts from the users that you removed, so perhaps it was just delayed going through. If you still see them let me know!


Indeed, I don't see them anymore. I didn't know there was a delay, sorry for the trouble and thanks for your time.

Is there a way to unfollow people on the stream but still keep them as friends?


too bad. thanks for your answer.


I just posted the same question ;) http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1468283

By the way: What is the difference between a friend and a follower ?


A friend is someone you follow.

A follower is someone who follows you.


Thanks! I always though friendship is a bilateral following and could not match the two lists ;)

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I'm having the same problem now. I unfollowed someone yesterday (don't remember the time) but their most recent update in my stream was less than an hour ago as of the writing of this comment. Is the delay really between 12 and 24 hours long?


I am having the same problem. How much of a lag time did you have?

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