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  5. "The child plays."

"The child plays."

Translation:Das Kind spielt.

January 20, 2013



Spielt (he,she,it plays/is playing), Spiele (yourself playing/are playing), Spielst, you are playing. I may be wrong I'm new to German myself :)


One way that helps me remember the ending of the word (spielt, schwimmt, etc) is - for a word relating to yourself (Ich), it ends in 'e' (for Me!). For a word relating to someone else (er/sie/es or ihr) it ends in ‘t’ (for Them!).

I have nothing cutesy to help remember the others (wir/sie) (du) – sorry!

And as a disclaimer, I am just a beginner, this may not be true every time, but so far it has helped. :)


I am having problems on memorizing how to say play can someone says how?

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