"Ele vai fazer uma sopa."

Translation:He will make a soup.

January 20, 2013

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you normally wouldn't say 'make a soup' but just 'make soup'


Or "some" soup, a good translation for "uma" besides, and one of the hints


You're both very correct!


'What is he making for the neighbourhood bbq?' 'Oh, he's making a soup'

Isn't that possible?


It is possible, although not likely. Not only is soup something that usually does not require an article, it is generally something that does not follow an exacting recipe. If you run out of a minor ingredient, e.g. onions for your beef vegetable soup, you can substitute, scallions, or leeks without it being thought a different soup. (A different case, of course, if onions are the major ingredient.)


Soup at a BBQ? Lol feet. But it's never "a soup". It's just soup, some soup, the soup, my soup, and most of those are rare and unlikely


Why does the first dictionary hint give "is taking", but "he is taking a soup" is not accepted?


Unfortunately you aren't able to take a soup. Fazer typically would mean 'to make' so that would be the most appropriate answer for this question.


Why I cannot translate it "he will do a soup"? When to use "cozinhar", if you can always use fazer then?


The meaning "to do"="to cook" is informal, non-literal and rare. Generally:

to make food

  • to cook = cozinhar
  • to prepare = preparar

to do

  • to perform = realizar
  • to execute = executar

to make

  • to create = criar
  • to produce= produzir
  • to construct = construir
  • to fabricate = fabricar


Then why give the wrong answer as the primary hint? He is going to take a soup makes as much sense as he is going to make a soup.


No one in English says "a soup". It's just soup.


Is it about food? Or will he make a mess?


Yes, it is about food.


Why not 'he goes to make a soup'? As in he will do it in the immediate future or is it more future as in tomorrow?

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