"Ele vai fazer uma sopa."

Translation:He will make a soup.

January 20, 2013



you normally wouldn't say 'make a soup' but just 'make soup'

January 20, 2013


Or "some" soup, a good translation for "uma" besides, and one of the hints

April 9, 2013


Why I cannot translate it "he will do a soup"? When to use "cozinhar", if you can always use fazer then?

December 18, 2015


The meaning "to do"="to cook" is informal, non-literal and rare. Generally:

to make food

  • to cook = cozinhar
  • to prepare = preparar

to do

  • to perform = realizar
  • to execute = executar

to make

  • to create = criar
  • to produce= produzir
  • to construct = construir
  • to fabricate = fabricar
January 8, 2016
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