"Why is this computer hot?"

Translation:Dlaczego ten komputer jest gorący?

March 22, 2016

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If word order is not important, why is this not correct: Dlaczego jest ten komputer gorący?


The word order is "relatively free". It's not "not important". This does sound totally unnatural.


So could you please explain which principles underlie the word order here?



In this sentence there is a predicative expression (subject complement) in place of the object, but the word order stays the same.

In English it's VSO because it's a question.


If I wanted to stress that THIS computer is hot, but not all the other ones here, then would "ten komputer" come at the end?


Hm... That's risky. If you really wanted to ask "What is different about this computer that makes it hotter than all the others?" then I'd solve this by inserting an additional word:

"Dlaczego akurat ten komputer jest gorący?"


Besides, doesn't saying "this" already stress it? ;) Plus of course you can just emphasize it with your voice.


Bo grałem najnowszą wersję GTA na największą rozdzielczość.


"na największej rozdzielczości" :) Locative case.

I think technically it should be "w", not "na", but I can easily imagine "na" used by gamers. So that would make it a bit colloquial.

Oh, also, "grałem w". I'm not sure if that's a typo or just a transfer from English, but in English you 'play a game' while in Polish you 'play in a game'.

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